Acesee Product Standard Warranty Commitment

Dear customer:

Thank you for choosing Acesee products and services! We will provide you with the following warranty services. The "you" mentioned in this document refers to the customer who purchased the product, and "we"refers to Acesee.

Warranty Range

We guarantee that if the product is under normal use and maintenance conditions, due to material, workmanship or manufacturing problems resulting in performance failure, during the warranty period, we will provide you with maintenance, replacement and other warranty services in accordance with the provisions of this document. Any defective product can be replaced or repaired free of charge. "Normal use and maintenance conditions" means that the product's installation, use, maintenance, storage, transportation, etc. meet the requirements of the instructions for use, and are used for reasonable intended purposes or uses. "Affecting normal use" means that the product cannot achieve the functions described in its standard performance parameters.


The Warranty is NOT subject to the following conditions:

1. Exceeding the warranty period

2. Unauthorized disassembly of the machine,unpacking the label, or damage caused by improper use is not covered by this limited warranty.

3. Warranty is void when malfunction ordamage caused by natural disasters or accidents.

4. Warranty is void when damage caused byviolence, damage caused by negligence, or unauthorized repair or replacement.

5. Warranty is void when malfunction ordamages that are not caused by the product's own design, technology,manufacturing, quality, etc.

We will not charge you for the warranty service unless it is declared in advance or by law or agreement that you should bear the cost. The above is all our guarantees on product quality and service, and there are no other express or implied guarantees.

Warranty Period and Duration

All camera productscarry 1 year limited warranty and the durations are calculated based on the deliverydate from our factory.

How to Obtain Warranty Service

1. E-Mail Support Service:

2. Sales Support Service